CIS offers preventative maintenance packages for your waste oil furnace. We recommend to take advantage of these options in the off-season to ensure your furnace is ready to provide you with FREE heat as soon as it gets cold.

Burner Tune-Up

Tuning-up your burner will let you rest assured that your furnace will run optimally during the heating season. The Preventative Maintenance tune-up means "replace it before it breaks". It's easy and cost efficient to replace a worn out part during the tune-up. Your CIS technician will be looking for problems with your furnace before they become costly out of pocket repairs. A tune-up can also uncover the need for parts that need replacing and help you to avoid an emergency service call when you need shop heat the most.

A CIS burner tune-up includes:

  • Tearing down and cleaning burner
  • Removing, soaking and flushing oil heater block by hand
  • Tuning-up burner
  • Replacing worn out parts
  • Test firing burner
  • Returning burner through a technician who will prime and reinstall the system


Furnace Cleanout

After the heating season is over and before the ash inside the furnace starts drawing moisture is the best time for a cleanout. A furnace should be cleaned out every 500-700 hours; it starts losing efficiency at 500 hours. By 700 hours the furnace has enough ash to cause excessive heat build-up which can cause significant damage so don’t delay your cleanout!

A CIS furnace cleanout includes

  • Cleaning ash from combustion chamber and heat exchanger
  • Servicing filters
  • Adjusting burner
  • Test firing furnace system
  • Inspecting complete system