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Simplify the cleaning of engines, transmissions, auto parts and more with our wide range of Cuda Kärcher Group parts washers. No matter the size of parts you’re cleaning, Cuda offers a range of sizes and both front- and top-load industrial parts washer to meet your needs. Engineered to withstand daily use, these parts washers are manufactured by Cuda to meet the highest industry standards and are backed by the sales and customer support team at CIS. 

Top-Load Parts Washers System
Top-load parts washers are ideal for cleaning small to medium sized parts. While small in size, Cuda top-load parts washers are able to handle parts up to 500 pounds.


Front-Load Parts Washers System
Cuda front-load parts washers are completely automated, solvent-free and rugged to take on industrial parts cleaning. These space-saving front-load parts washers offer roll-in doors and easy access to the wash chamber, preventing solution from getting on floors.