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Kärcher offers a full range of commercial hot and cold pressure washers to meet your industrial application needs. Perfect for removing dirt, grime, grease and oil stains, Kärcher’s industry-leading pressure washers and customizable pressure washer trailers make cleaning jobs more efficient. 

Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washers
Hot water pressure washers from Kärcher come in both electric-powered and gas/diesel-powered models. These low-emission, quiet commercial pressure washers are designed to take on the toughest oil and grease stains on a variety of surfaces and are certified to both UL and CSA safety standards.

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Cold Water Commercial Pressure Washers
Save money without sacrificing cleaning power with Kärcher's industrial cold water pressure washers. Tough on indoor and outdoor surfaces, both electric or gas/diesel-powered models are available and are certified to both UL and CSA safety standards.

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Pressure Washer Trailers
Get the cleaning power you need on virtually any job site with Kärcher's customizable mobile pressure washer trailers. A rugged and convenient solution for on-site cleaning, these pressure washer trailers are certified to UL and CSA safety standards and offer a large water tank on-board.

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